The List

1.  Shop at a farmer’s market
2.  Visit five states I’ve never been to
3.  Sell something handmade
4.  Enter food in the state fair
5.  Talk to strangers
6.  Learn to make cool cakes
7.  Appreciate every season of the year
8.  Learn to drive stick
9.  Wear red lipstick
10. Send people cards, just because
11. Learn to solder
12. Go rock climbing/rappelling
13. Write to Joceline more often
14. Cook Grandma’s chicken strata
15. Know every answer on the naturalization test
16. Visit the state capitol building
17. Go geocaching
18. Re-experience things I loved as a child
19. Read one new book from each Dewey category
20. Finally order wedding photos
21. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
22. Make homemade pasta, egg rolls, and crepes
23. Know downtown well enough to not need a map
24. Take a backpack/canoe camping trip
25. Have a child
26. Get to know my grandparents as people
27. See a movie in 3D
28. Open an eBay store
29. Meet my neighbors
30. Go to the Walker Art Center

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
Paulo Coelho


4 thoughts on “The List

  1. Hey Lauryn–
    For the Walker Art Museum–they are open Thursday nights for free!:) I think from 5-9 pm! I checked it out this summer and LOVED it!:) Let me know if you want to go together-I’d go again!:)

  2. We should have had you guys spend the night last night and then we could have gone to the farmer’s market together this morning. The one down here in PL is great, so come on down any Saturday May – October. Also, I’m in on the naturalization test – I’ll do it with you. 🙂

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