Make Homemade Egg Rolls √

Continuing my three-goals-in-one challenge to learn to make various ethnic eats, my husband Aaron and I recently tackled preparing our own homemade egg rolls.

I found a great recipe on Pinterest for baked egg rolls that includes step-by-step instructions with photos, very helpful for knowing just how much filling to include and how to roll them. I’ll spare you the play-by-play of how we made our egg rolls and just let you check out the recipe yourself.

We found these to be very simple to make, and they turned out nice and crispy without needing to be deep fried. We spritzed ours with olive oil from our Misto—a great alternative to cooking spray!

Here’s a handful of photos from our egg roll project:

DSC_0340 DSC_0341 DSC_0344Have you made egg rolls before? What do you put in yours?  I think next I’d like to try making Southwestern egg rolls like the ones at Chili’s. Mmm…


311 days until I turn 30

Make homemade pasta √

For years my wonderful friend Emily and I have talked about getting together to learn how to make homemade pasta. You see, I had a dream, and she had a pasta roller. It was a match made in culinary heaven.

meEmily and her family moved away this month, 😦
but not before we had a chance to make our dream a reality. She and I and several of our girlfriends got together for a pasta-making party. Now, not one of us had ever made pasta from scratch. So imagine the scenario (and throw in a little wine for good measure) and you can see how some minor chaos took place that night.

The BEST thing we did was have one of the girls bring a pasta dough she’d already prepared. That gave us a great start on rolling and cutting pasta while we mixed up a second batch of dough. The WORST thing we did (ok, not quite the worst, but I’ll get to that), was make an attempt at putting together a semolina dough in the mixer. I still don’t know what we did wrong, but that dough was waaaaaay too dense to be kneaded by hand or even by the almighty KitchenAid!

Val takes a turn kneading the semolina dough

Val takes a turn kneading the silly semolina dough

Thankfully things took a turn for the better from there. We used a tomato basil dough to create filled pastas like ravioli and tortellini and shredded a plain dough into fettuccine. They both tasted amazing. The poor semolina dough was relegated to become gnocchi, which still didn’t turn out very well. Poor, unwanted semolina dough.


I had a great time making the pasta. The pasta roller/cutter attachment is pretty addicting. I could probably roll and cut pasta dough all day. It was very cathartic, ha ha.


And I LOVED working alongside my best friends, even those who just stood nearby, drinking wine and eating bruschetta and mocking our dough-making abilities. 😉

As it turns out, they should’ve been mocking my pasta cooking abilities. I mentioned there was a “worst thing” that happened on pasta night. While we were boiling the pasta, I made the mistake of grabbing a hot piece of metal and burning my hand pretty badly. That put a major damper on the evening for me—I did my eating with one hand on ice and left before anyone else. Waaah. 😦

Despite my little incident, I’d love to make homemade pasta on a more regular basis. So far the best deal I’ve seen on Craigslist for the KitchenAid set is $100. Yeah. So, if you or your grandma or your neighbor’s garage sale is looking to offload a pasta roller, let me know!



Mmm… molto bene.

#22 Make homemade pasta, egg rolls, and crepes

I know what you’re thinking… “Is she hiding three goals is one?”

Well, yes.

See, I’ve got this whole list of foods I want to learn to make. Not so much recipes… more like techniques. For my 25 by 25 list, I learned to make sushi. I figure, though, that I need to cross off more than one food from the list every five years if I want to make any real headway, ha ha!

So it’s my goal to learn pasta, egg rolls, and crepes within the next five years. Maybe I’ll go further and make the whole list of foods, but I’m at least planning to do these three… and SO looking forward to it. Yum!