Cake class wrap-up

In my most recent post I gave you an overview of the cake class I’ve been taking and a week-by-week update on the techniques I’ve learned.

My course wrapped up last week, and I’m proud to say that I passed, haha. 😉

In the final class session we learned how to write on cakes and create a few more intricate flowers such as the ribbon rose. Then we had the last 45 minutes or so to decorate our final cake. It was an open assignment—essentially, do whatever you want to do! My choice was to make a fun cake that incorporated as many of the different flowers we’d learned as I had time to make them. This is how my final cake turned out:

finalcakeHere is a close-up of my favorite techniques that we learned. The big pink flower is a zinnia, and it was much easier for me than the rose and looks just as pretty. The orange flower behind it is a swirl drop flower, and it’s also really easy. It only takes one tip and about a second to pipe! I was also very happy to learn how to make leaves properly, not only how to use the leaf tip, but also how to give it that cool dimension versus just being a fancy triangle. 🙂


I’m pretty happy with the cake and the skills I took home with me from the class. I feel like I’m poised to create some pretty sweet (no pun intended) cakes with what I’ve learned; all I need is some motivation and inspiration, and I’ll be good to go!

I’d had my doubts about paying to take a course in basic decorating skills. Between what I already knew and what I was sure I could learn via YouTube, I figured that the course itself wouldn’t be worth the time and money.

My view in class

My typical view in class—a rainbow of frosting!

But the investment was totally worth it. I had underestimated was the value of having an instructor demonstrate each technique in person and then watch and provide feedback as I did the same. I could ask questions like, “Why am I getting that extra little tail at the end?” and get instant answers so that I could keep practicing and get it right. Also, there was value in the class dynamic, working within a group of people who were all learning at about the same level and could encourage each other and say things like, “No yours looks great. Mine’s all lopsided. Maybe my frosting’s too thin.”  Oh, and yeah… that little thing about frosting consistency that I learned. Priceless. 🙂  No one on YouTube would’ve caught that mistake I was already making over and over.

So, if you’re considering taking a cake decorating course, I’d encourage you to go for it. The classes tend to go on sale for $20, and I think I spent about $25 on supplies and another $20 or so on ingredients for all the cake and frosting I used. Not too bad considering that a lot of the supplies will last for as long as I keep up the hobby.

So that’s that. If you have questions about the course or the value or whatever, leave a comment or talk to me in person. I’m happy to share about my experience.


318 days until I turn 30

It’s official. Cue “Pomp & Circumstance” 🙂


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