Make homemade pasta √

For years my wonderful friend Emily and I have talked about getting together to learn how to make homemade pasta. You see, I had a dream, and she had a pasta roller. It was a match made in culinary heaven.

meEmily and her family moved away this month, 😦
but not before we had a chance to make our dream a reality. She and I and several of our girlfriends got together for a pasta-making party. Now, not one of us had ever made pasta from scratch. So imagine the scenario (and throw in a little wine for good measure) and you can see how some minor chaos took place that night.

The BEST thing we did was have one of the girls bring a pasta dough she’d already prepared. That gave us a great start on rolling and cutting pasta while we mixed up a second batch of dough. The WORST thing we did (ok, not quite the worst, but I’ll get to that), was make an attempt at putting together a semolina dough in the mixer. I still don’t know what we did wrong, but that dough was waaaaaay too dense to be kneaded by hand or even by the almighty KitchenAid!

Val takes a turn kneading the semolina dough

Val takes a turn kneading the silly semolina dough

Thankfully things took a turn for the better from there. We used a tomato basil dough to create filled pastas like ravioli and tortellini and shredded a plain dough into fettuccine. They both tasted amazing. The poor semolina dough was relegated to become gnocchi, which still didn’t turn out very well. Poor, unwanted semolina dough.


I had a great time making the pasta. The pasta roller/cutter attachment is pretty addicting. I could probably roll and cut pasta dough all day. It was very cathartic, ha ha.


And I LOVED working alongside my best friends, even those who just stood nearby, drinking wine and eating bruschetta and mocking our dough-making abilities. 😉

As it turns out, they should’ve been mocking my pasta cooking abilities. I mentioned there was a “worst thing” that happened on pasta night. While we were boiling the pasta, I made the mistake of grabbing a hot piece of metal and burning my hand pretty badly. That put a major damper on the evening for me—I did my eating with one hand on ice and left before anyone else. Waaah. 😦

Despite my little incident, I’d love to make homemade pasta on a more regular basis. So far the best deal I’ve seen on Craigslist for the KitchenAid set is $100. Yeah. So, if you or your grandma or your neighbor’s garage sale is looking to offload a pasta roller, let me know!



Mmm… molto bene.


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