#27 See a movie in 3D √

3d-glassesBefore I’d seen any movies in 3D, I was definitely wondering whether it was worth all the hype. The great thing is, I waited to see any real 3D movies until after most of the new-technology hype had died down. That space allowed for movie-makers to move from using 3D as a gimmick to using it in a way that actually made sense.

I saw my first real* 3D movie just a few months ago. My wonderful hubby surprised me with a date—our first real date since having a baby—and let me pick the movie. I chose Gravity, and since he’d heard that the only way to see that movie is in 3D, we sprang for the option (ka-ching, ka-ching) and spent the next hour and a half in space, fully immersed in the experience the on-screen characters were having.

If you plan to see this movie and didn’t see it in a theatre, you missed out. The ability to watch in 3D really takes the film and turns it into an experience. You feel like you’re floating in space right along with George and Sandra, and you really experience the intensity of the moments they’re in. I can’t really imagine seeing Gravity any other way.

Now, I highly doubt that all 3D movies use the technology in such a meaningful way, but I am now certainly open to the opportunity of seeing another one.

Just… not at prime time. (OMG, most expensive movie I’ve ever seen!)


373 days until I turn 30

Leave a comment: What’s the best movie you’ve seen in 3D?


*I keep referring to a “real” 3D movie because I was at one point intending to write about having seen 3D films at Walt Disney World, such as MuppetVision 3D. While those were super fun and did include 3D (or “4D”) technology, they weren’t what I’d originally had in mind when I set the goal. That said, I’m totally in ❤ with WDW, so here’s a photo of me getting ready to watch MuppetVision. So hot.



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