#25 Have a child √

Alright, as promised, I’ll be bringing you up to speed on which goals I’ve accomplished or made headway on. It seems only fitting to start with the BIGGEST, the most obvious to anyone who knows me…


(massive applause from the crowd)

Born this summer, here is my beautiful little girl the day after her birth, and now:


One day old


Not so little anymore!

Nearly two years ago, I first posted about having a child. At the time we were almost five years into our marriage; Aaron was ready to start growing our family, but I wasn’t any closer to ready than I had been the day we got married. I was happy with life as it was, pretty selfish (ahem, still am) and totally terrified of being pregnant and delivering a baby—not to mention caring for a baby!


Fast forward to today… We have a wonderful little girl, and I’m pretty sure I’m still not ready to be her parent! I only thought labor was the scary part. As I told Aaron the other day, “It seems like parenthood is spending 18+ years worried that you’re doing everything wrong.”*  Nevertheless, early one summer Sunday the nurses put this gorgeous, intelligent, social baby girl into my arms and called me her mom. So I do my best to love her like she deserves and pray that she will grow up into an amazing young woman in spite of me, even if I do everything “wrong” along the way.



481 days until I turn 30

*I hope some seasoned parents will pop into the comments section and assuage this fear. Or at least say, “Yep. But the brief moments in which you realize you’ve managed to do something right are worth all the rest.”


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