#29 Meet my neighbors

You know, it’s amazing how one can live in the same house for three years—a town home even, with just a wall separating homes—and never get to know the people who live a stone’s throw away.

It’s kind of strange actually, the way our neighborhood functions. Everyone (ourselves included) spends most of their time indoors and can really only been seen coming and going. With our association taking care of the landscaping and snow removal, there are even fewer opportunities for people to be outside with no lawns to mow or gardens to tend to.

When we moved in, I kind of expected that people would notice and come by to say hello. No one ever did, though, so in turn we’ve not welcomed others into the neighborhood as they’ve moved in. (Because people here don’t do that, I guess… I didn’t say it was a good reason.)

At the time when I added this goal to my list, Aaron and I had been living here for just over two years and had only met one other family in the neighborhood. It’s been my goal since then, and still is, to get to know more of the people who live around us. It just feels strange, though, to try to catch a neighbor in the two minutes she’s out pulling in her trash bin, to meet her after three years of living in the same neighborhood and making no effort before.


Do you have any suggestions for getting to know the people around us? It’s a little late for a housewarming party, ha ha. 🙂


2 thoughts on “#29 Meet my neighbors

  1. I hear ya. It definitely helps to socialize when everyone has kids, or dogs, or gardening to do outside. Get a dog?? 🙂

    I sit outside on the lawn, or try to chat when I’m out taking a walk and see people out and about. Make cookies and knock on doors to say you have extras? Or just invite people over for a party.

    Do people have garage sales in your neighborhood? Maybe that would work.

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