#17 Go Geocaching √

I didn’t expect to be crossing a goal off my list this soon, but I can’t think of a better way to kick things off than by talking about one of my favorite items on the list.

My husband Aaron and I have been wanting to try out geocaching for a while. If you’re not sure what geocaching is, it’s essentially treasure hunting using a GPS.  The quick little video on the  main page of geocaching.com explains it really well, so I recommend that you take a look at that.

Ever since we got our new GPS-enabled phones, I’d been looking forward to using them for geocaching. So when Aaron suggested it as an activity for Saturday, I got really excited. We downloaded the c:geo app for Android, which simplifies things by syncing with the list of caches on geocaching.com, and took off on our very first hunt.

It took us awhile to get used to using the compass and distance finder. At one point we parked near where we thought the cache was and then realized, A mile is kind of a long way to walk in the hot sun to find this thing, and returned to the car to find a closer spot to park. Though we did still have to do a fair amount of walking (and at one point sprint across a busy street once we realized we were searching on the wrong side of it), we finally found the cache right where our GPS told us we would.

My very first geocache!

Since then we’ve found three more caches and searched high and low for another to no avail. I’ve learned a few important things about geocaching in my first two days of it, like:

  • Wear long pants and tennis shoes if you plan to hike through the woods.
  • Douse yourself in bug spray or prepare to be eaten (or become a bug-ffet, as Aaron described it).
  • Don’t go when it’s 90 degrees out, or at least bring some water.

So maybe our first couple experiences weren’t the most pleasant, between the weather and the bugs. Today Aaron said, “Well that is definitely a fun activity. I think I’m done with it until my bug bites heal. ”  LOL!

While I’m certainly exhausted (and itchy) as well, I can say I’m hooked on this new hobby. I’m totally looking forward to getting back out there and trying again, and maybe I can get a few others interested so I have more geocaching buddies and don’t wear Aaron out. 🙂  I definitely won’t be running out of treasures to seek anytime soon… There are nearly a hundred caches within five miles of my house!

Bring it on.


2 thoughts on “#17 Go Geocaching √

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  2. Thanks for the tips Lauryn! I’m hoping to have my first geocaching adventure this weekend. At least 90 degree weather won’t be an issue 🙂

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